Harmonia evolved out of the 2020 lockdown, when Jo Freya and Annie Whitehead received a bursary from the EDFFS to reimagine and rearrange traditional English tunes, drawing on their diverse musical roots in folk, jazz, world and pop music. 

As the idea for an album and live shows took shape, much loved and admired co-conspirators Jo May and Annie’s fellow ex Penguin Cafe Orchestra bandmates Jennifer Maidman and Steve Fletcher came on board.  The result is Harmonia, an eclectic and irresistible mix of traditional melody, contemporary harmony and deep, rhythmic groove. 

Harmonia are: 

Annie Whitehead: Trombone – arrangements 
Jo Freya: Saxophones – arrangements 
Jo May on Percussion 
Jennifer Maidman on Guitar, Bass, Keys, Uke. 
Steve Fletcher on Keys, Uke & Cuatro