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Online Instrumental Ensemble 28: Tunes from Blowzabella's 'Two Score'

Four-week course beginning on Thursday 28th April 2022
Minimum donation £40 

This course will focus on tunes taken from the Blowzabella album 'Two Score'. This album includes lovely tunes like Camdence, Turners and more, which have gone on to become part of session repertoire here and abroad. We'll learn the tunes together and create our own arrangement as an ensemble.

Learning online

This course will be taught online, so you can join in from wherever you are. You'll receive a PDF of the sheet music for each tune, as well as MP3s if you prefer to learn by ear. During the sessions themselves, we will work together as an ensemble to arrange the tunes. You will then have the chance to submit MP3 recordings of you playing your parts, and I will gather them together into a mix so we can hear how we'd sound together, even when we're spread all over the world. Scroll down to find out more about how this all works. 

Course dates
This is a four-week course running on Thursdays. Dates are as follows:

  • Thursday 28th April
  • Thursday 5th May
  • Thursday 12th May
  • Thursday 19th May

All sessions will take place from 7–8pm BST.

How to book

    For more details, and to book the course, email:


    Bespoke courses

      I have now started to do bespoke in-person workshops. These are ideal for small groups such as choirs, morris sides or groups of friends to come together and learn something new. Whether you're looking for a singing or instrumental workshop, I can offer full days, half days or evenings (depending on distance) at your home or another space convenient for you. Just let me know what you have in mind, and we can plan your ideal workshop on a date that suits everyone. Get in touch to find out more! 


      How my online ensemble courses work

        My online courses allow you to work together to create an ensemble recording with your fellow participants. You could be in an ensemble with people from the UK, mainland Europe, the USA and more - not something we can manage physically very often!

        For instrumental courses, we will decide as a group about the arrangement we want to create, and for vocal courses you will have the chance to choose the part that suits you best (or perhaps choose more than one!). After the first session, you will have the opportunity to create an MP3 recording of your chosen part and submit it to me. I will then create a recording with all of you in it, and you will get an MP3 copy of any recording we make.  

        In week 2, we will learn a new tune or song, but also go back and play through the first one, this time hearing the whole group recorded in the mix. This will allow us to hear what we sound like together, even when we're based many miles apart! 

        Here's an example of a track created from an online instrumental ensemble last year: 

        Here's an example from a singing course last year:


        What past participants have to say

        "I have loved the course; it was a really nice opportunity to make music with others during a time that has otherwise been pretty isolated."

        "The tone of the workshops was really nicely set and worked well as a place to get to know the music, with a nice balance between playing and chatting and understanding more of the music and style. Interestingly the fact that we were muted when playing, whilst it took away some of the sense of ensemble, meant that it was possible to be more playful with things - trying out harmonies (many of which didn't work!) without feeling embarrassed or putting other people off. As a person who reads notes off the page, it was good to dip my toe in another way of doing things. And the tunes were great with a good level of challenge." 


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