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Jackie Allen - Fiddle/Sax
Alice Kinloch - Tuba/Trombone/Euphonium
Fi Fraser - Fiddles/Clarinet
Jo Freya - Saxes/Clarinets/Whistles
Jo May - Percussion
Linda Game - Fiddle
Heather Horsley - Keyboard/Vocals

All band members sing

This band is exuberant and instantly infectious. All members play in other bands but non of them are like this one. There is a driving fiddle, keyboard and percussion section topped by brass. Exactly how does Alice Kinloch play jigs and reels on the tuba and trombone? Where do those jazz and dance band references come from?
Most of the music is traditional or based on the dance traditions of Europe and as one of our latest reviews states; “ This is happy, powerful, grooving, funky exciting New Folk Music, music that cheers you up. Full of inventiveness and innovation, full of talent, music from the heart”
We can just please your ears for concerts or we can play for dancing. Some like a mixture of both and we can teach you how to do the dances if you’ve never done them before.