Welcome to my website

Jo Freya

I am often described as the chameleon of Folk and mistress of reinvention. Why?  Because I play in many bands with completely different styles as well as composing to very diverse briefs. I’m a singer, saxophonist, clarinet and whistle-playing pianist… to start with!

Have a look around . The news page is up to the minute stuff about what I’m doing right now. Then, there are band pages for most of the groups and activities I am involved in and web site links for those that don’t feature here.

Please join the mailing list, check the gig list, send me your questions and requests or just keep in touch. I love to know you’re out there.

If you want to book me in any form except Blowzabella then please send through an email and I will get back to you. For Blowzabella go through www.blowzabella.co.uk